About us

AviRings Auction is the pigeon auction from Slovenia and is part of AviRings. We are mediating by selling pigeons from AviRings Derby and we are organizing thematic auctions of top pigeons.


You need to register an auction account if you want to place a bid in one of our online auctions. Only one account per person can be created. If you are or were participating in AviRings Derby you already have an account and can log in with the “derby” login data. 

You can register by clicking this link https://app.avirings.com/account/register or contact us for help.

Once you’re registered, and your account is approved you can start placing bids.

In case you forgot the password or you want to order a new password, you can request a new password here https://app.avirings.com/account/forgot-password

Still, having problems with your password? Please contact us via email derby@avirings.com.


When logged into your bidding account you can place a bid by clicking on "Place a bid". You can submit your own bid and/or buying order and then click on "Place your bid".

Bidding starts at 70 EUR. The minimal increase of the bid under the price of 100 EUR is 10 EUR; between 100 and 500 is 20 EUR and up from 500 EUR is 50 EUR.

Maximal bid

Maximal bid means that Avirings will bid incrementally for you up to your maximum bid. Your maximum bid is kept a secret from other users.  Your bid is a contract between you and the listing creator. If you have the highest bid you will enter into a legally binding purchase contract.


If you are outbid you may be notified by email. Note: we can’t guarantee that messages will arrive because of reception or services. Please always check your profile to be sure you aren’t outbid.

Extended bid time

If someone places a bid in the last 5 minutes of the sale, the running time will then be extended by 5 minutes, Even if there is a bid again within that time, the time will go along with this. This gives you enough time to still place a counteroffer.

Problems with bidding

If you are still experiencing problems bidding by yourself, or if you prefer to bid by phone, please contact us.



Collection from AviRings is possible after payment during office hours (9am-15pm) Monday through Friday. Please inform us in advance via derby@avirings.com if you yourself wish to have your purchased pigeon(s) collected by another person (acquaintance, friend, transporter, other).

AviRings organize a carrier to deliver the pigeons to the following destinations between October and January:

  • Austria (once in 2 weeks, Graz, Wien, Klagenfurt – guaranteed)
  •  Germany (once in a month South Bayern, Frankfurt, Köln, Düsseldorf - guaranteed) 
  • Netherland (once in a month South Netherland – guaranteed) 
  • Belgium (once in a month Antwerpian region – guaranteed) 
  • Hungary (once in a month Budapest – guaranteed) 
  • Slovakia (once in a month Bratislava – guaranteed)
  • Shipment is possible after the payment of the purchase. Transport costs are not included in the purchase amount and have to be paid additionally.  


You must pay your purchase within 8 days, the pigeon can only be picked up when it is fully paid, even with a possibility of transport to the desired address, the pigeon must first be paid. The purchase amount and additional transport costs are to be paid:
AviRings Derby Club
IBAN: SI56 6100 0002 5306 192
Bank: Delavska hranilnica d.d. Ljubljana, Slovenia;

or you can pay with PayPal, our Paypal address:  derby@avirings.com


Gender of the pigeon

For the gender stated on the website, we cannot give 100% guarantee; especially with youngsters, it is sometimes difficult to estimate the right gender. 

Sick pigeons

If a pigeon appears to be ill upon receipt, you must inform us of this within 24 hours of receipt.
It can of course happen that a pigeon is not 100% fit, after a transport.

Pigeon died during transport

If a pigeon turns out to be dead upon delivery, we would like to receive photos and email them to us or something similar. In addition, we ask you to return the: original ring, proof of ownership, and pedigree to AviRings.