NL-2021-1683473 (Morris)

Leon Schaap

NL-2021-1683473 (Morris)

Highest bidder: Kompara
Number of bids: 1
50.00 €

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NL-2021-1683473 (Morris)

Payment and Transport

The invoice should be paid in full within 10 calendar days from the invoice date, irrespective of the transport date.

A pigeon will only be shipped / can only be picked up after AviRings Derby has received your full payment on its bank account.

Transport of the pigeons is in domain of the buyers.

All amounts are expressed in EUR. The purchase price consists out of your winning bidding amount.

The following is not included in the purchase price:
- Other charges or fees (for example import taxes)
- Other costs like banking costs
- Transport costs of the pigeon
- Etc.