Tihamer Gal


Highest bidder: Jackson
Number of bids: 7
130.00 €

Auction closed!

24.11 18:58:14 Jackson 130.00
24.11 18:28:32 Kym 110.00
24.11 18:24:05 Jackson 100.00
24.11 18:14:01 Kym 90.00
23.11 19:14:39 Jackson 80.00
22.11 00:02:24 R.D. 70.00
18.11 19:05:11 gajek 60.00

HU-14-79213 performed stable and was better and better in each race. In the last two races, he showed 79213 best results, finishing in 37th place in the final race of 521 km. 

The father of the 79213 is Belgium pigeons by Henry Menten ( line Claes x Leest Peeters). The mother is of the old line from Hungarian fancier Gal. 

Great eye! 



Payment and Transport

Collection from AviRings is possible after payment during office hours (9am-15pm) Monday through Friday. Please inform us in advance via info@avirings.com if you yourself wish to have your purchased pigeon(s) collected by another person (acquaintance, friend, transporter, other).

Shipment is possible after the payment of the purchase. Transport costs are not included in the purchase amount and have to be paid additionally.

AviRings will organize the delivery of pigeons to the national exhibition in Trenčin – Slovakia, on 6.1.2024 for the buyers from Slovakia and the Czech Republic.