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Bruggeman x Fernand Marien

2339611  is a pigeon for great middle distances, according to pedigree. It started solid and the best result was on the semi-final race of 400km - 2339611  finished in the top 8%,  and the speed of the first pigeon at that race was 932m/min. 


2339611  won:

  • 2x in the top 33%
  • 106th place in the semifinal race of 401km against 1321 pigeons. 


Secret tip! 



Payment and Transport

Collection from AviRings is possible after payment during office hours (9am-15pm) Monday through Friday. Please inform us in advance via info@avirings.com if you yourself wish to have your purchased pigeon(s) collected by another person (acquaintance, friend, transporter, other).

Shipment is possible after the payment of the purchase. Transport costs are not included in the purchase amount and have to be paid additionally.

AviRings organize a carrier to deliver the pigeons to the following destinations between October and January:

  • Austria (once in 2 weeks, Graz, Wien, Klagenfurt – guaranteed)
  • Germany (once in a month South Bayern, Frankfurt, Köln, Düsseldorf - guaranteed)
  • Netherland (once in a month South Netherland – guaranteed)
  • Belgium (once in a month Antwerpian region – guaranteed)
  • Hungary (once in a month Budapest – guaranteed)
  • Slovakia (once in a month Bratislava – guaranteed)
  • Croatia (once in a month Zagreb – guaranteed)
  • Romania (guaranteed delivery once a month)
  • Middle East (shipment to the quarantine centers in Belgium once a month)